Annual plants live for one growing season only, while perennials regrow every spring. Most of our plants are £ 6.00, because I grow from seed and cuttings. I do not “buy-in” plugs. It may take me a whole year for a plant to be saleable as we nurture and “grow on” into a bigger pot, making sure the root system is excellent. I grow in the best compost available – I am completely peat free so this compost is more expensive than others. It may take 100 hours of work to nurture, feed and pinch out all of our plants until they can be sold in a 3 liter pot. I have to pay my grower and additional staff.

Watering the nursery, just once, can take 4 hours a day in the summer months. I need to buy nematodes to keep on top of whitefly, greenfly, and red spider mite. I need all plants to be spot checked for Vine Weevil grubs, slugs and snails, this is time consuming and laborious. I need to buy labels, pots and feed. I use organic seaweed and blood, fish and bone – both sustainable and natural. If I am unable to take my own seed from the gardens I have to source and pay for seed and sometimes I need to source from abroad. I need to buy propagators and trays. Currently, I am producing and growing my plants at a loss for the amount of time and effort spent.

3 litre pot – £6.00

9 cm pot – £4.00


Please note, at the moment you can only pay for plants on the website – postage is NOT included. Please email for payment options. If you’d like to see what’s in bloom  at the moment, head over to

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