Geranium Sanguineum – Hardy Cranesbill (2 litre)

Cranesbill are a hardy clump forming semi-evergreen geranium: with over 350 varieties, this is a firm favourite which is always popular.  Suitable for sun or shade, they can provide colourful ground cover as well as tall types, truly a cottage garden must have plant.  If cut back after flowering it will flower twice in the same season.  Colours range from all shades of pink to purple, blue and white, and flowers ranging from spring until late summer.

They prefer a moist soil to get established, once established they will tolerate dry, the prefer a fertile soil too.

Once finished flowering, they will start to look really untidy, cut hardback to the new growth, they may flower again after this.

G. sanguineum or ‘bloody cranesbill’ is its common name,  is a spreading rhizomatous perennial to 20cm, with palmately lobed leaves divided into narrow lobes, and vivid magenta-pink-purple flower 3-4cm across throughout summer.



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