Agastache – Rose Mint 2 litres

Agastache are often referred to as Giant Hyssop. With fragrant aromatic leaves this natural looking plant will help feed and are loved by butterflies and other pollinating insects alike – they seem irresistible to them. The flowers are very pretty and are produced in abundance, from late spring to summer.We grow 5 varieties(!) and are very relieved that they are now looked upon as a worthwhile perennial. As they are a member of the mint family they do not like the wet and prefer a dry patch. We bring our stock in to keep dry rather then warm – they behave much better when planted in the ground.

By the way – slugs don’t like the taste of any Agastache!


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This variety has a smaller leaf which is grey/green. The flowers are not as tightly packed on the flower spike and the whole plant has a more relaxed appearance. Rose Mint is more compact and only reaches 24 inches. Loves Sun, heat and a dry area.