Lobelia Pale Blue Selection (Siphilitica) -2 litre

Due to its somewhat unfortunate name we just call it Baby Blue and leave it at that.  (I am reliably told that medicinally it cures nothing.)

A quite stout lobelia, compared to the others we grow here, it flowers a little later and grows a little shorter than most.  But the flowers are so worth the wait – a delightful shade of pale Baby Blue with a white eye, they are stunning.

Bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers. This Baby Blue Gem will self-seed where happy, clumps may be divided in early spring. Around 30 inches tall.

On the whole; this family of perennials are great for a moist area, in full sun or semi-shade where they will positively thrive. In a dry situation, they are smaller and later to flower.

Lobelia are NOT marginals nor can they be planted in the pond, but around the pond area is fine.





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