Salvia Cera Potosi (2 litres) Available from June

This is a very “Big Girl” – quite huge if you let her grow so please don’t plant her at the front of your sensory bed or border – best place her behind the smaller plants.  She is a real darling with her no problem growth and brilliantly bright pink flowers.  This bold lady can be cut back whenever you want to “calm her growth” and cuttings are easy, and I would encourage everyone to try salvia cuttings to give away and “Spread the Sage” – As with all my darling Salvia I always leave a basic shape of bare wood for the wintertime so that the frost has something to work on as this protects the growth point of the plant and offers some protection.  Please don’t “over-tidy your beds and borders for the winters rest time – nature really doesn’t like it and you will lose all of the insects hiding and hibernating in the bare structures while its cold.  Plus it gives the plant a “quick start” for the springtime – whenever it arrives.


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