Enchanted Gardens: Pollinator-Friendly Plant Nursery in Whitstable, Kent

Welcome to our new, organic nursery passionate about environmental conservation and bio-diversity. We are a small operation specializing entirely in bee, butterfly, moth and bat-friendly plants, flowers and habitats - and are possibly the only horticultural company of this kind in the UK!

As of March 2019 we are members of the national...

  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • Butterfly Conservation Organisation
  • RHS Royal Horticultural Society
  • Bat Conservation Trust
  • RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Donna @ Kent Garden Show

Donna - Director & owner of Enchanted Gardens

...which all have at their heart a unique charitable vision to help restore neglected natural environments and create new vibrant areas for wildlife.


There are also interactions with the Kent Field Club - the natural history society of Kent - and The Wildwood Trust in Canterbury, where we will hold lectures on the subject of conservation later in the year.


Furthermore, there are planned collaborations with The National Pollinator Strategy (NPS) which is a cooperation between Government and other organisations to protect the future of pollinators, as well as potentially getting enlisted in the Royal Horticulture Society's (RHS) Plants for Pollinators scheme as one of their organic nurseries.

One of the biggest problems for pollinators is a lack of flowering plants, especially those packed with pollen and nectar, so we like to encourage gardeners to grow more of them. At Enchanted Gardens we grow and sell about 140 different varieties that provide you with just that. They are mostly perennials and are produced directly from seed. We realize that there is a need and a strong interest for conservation issues in the Zeitgeist and the public seems keen and willing to help and ‘do their bit’.


Remember, your garden is a mini nature-reserve! We have therefore decided to develop a completely unique ‘Environmental Health Care Pack’ for people locking to offset their carbon footprint and wanting to assist nature. We strongly believe that if enough individuals implement these approaches and set up a small wildlife sanctuary in their plots, this will make a huge difference for our declining insect population. So get creative and give the bees, moths, bats & butterflies a home!

  1. Start a garden, however small
  2. Fill this area with the best possible plants that pollinators love!
  3. Build a pond, or provide water for insects
  4. Let parts of your garden grow wild. Introduce wildflowers!
  5. Avoid using pesticides wherever possible
  6. Provide nest sites (bug hotels) and don’t disturb them!
Enchanted Gardens
Ric Horner's bug hotels at Enchanted Gardens

Once our SPECIAL packages are finalized and completed, they will come as irresistible combinations of the best-loved, most popular plants favoured by bats, bees, butterflies and moths (according to a 5-year research project). There will also be an all-in, ultimate selection and one specifically designed for small gardens! All packs will automatically include a hand-crafted bug hotel made by our in-house artist.

News about these ‘Environmental Health Care Packs’ have already reached the BBC and their well-known TV Show Springwatch, which is hosted by wildlife activist Chris Packham. Their team has asked us to keep them up to date with the progress of our bug houses. We anticipate these packages to be ready and available from mid-May 2019 onward…

We sell our individual plants directly from the nursery, or through countywide shows, but you can now also purchase them via our new online shop.