Aloysia Citrodora – Lemon Verbena – 2 litre

We were not sure where to put this as it is always referred to as: LEMON VERBENA: It is a deciduous shrub reaching around 5 feet in a border or smaller if kept in a pot. We do have gardens where it returns back year after year but it is a little tender. We would recommend that you plant it in a very sheltered spot or in a pot on the patio and bring it close to the house or pop it in a frost free greenhouse for the winter months.  It is not grown particularly for the flowers but for the incredible “Sherbet Dab” fragrance of childhood. Even if you are just walking past it, the lemon scent is produced with such force and strength that customers completely adore it, uses: a priceless gift, for Pimms, putting leaves into tea, or taking an invigorating bath.


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