Echinops Tienschianum – Great Globe Thistle Blue – 2 litre

Echinops are simply Pollinator Heaven on a stick! striking deep blue pom-poms are produced in abundance anywhere from June through to August.  When finished flowering these lovely Gentle Giants’ seed heads are also completely attractive left on and your plant will become a very large clump within 3 years, so dividing them is definitely an option for further free plants to share.

Globe thistles are not easy from seed – but we manage.  One of the main needs for the thistle family is drainage, and for this reason we always let them grow on in tall pots so that the tap root is not disturbed. They dont like a soggy bottom so WONT sit in water, so if your border is wet please put in extra drainage and sit them a little proud of the soil. .

This is the second of our taller option of Globe Thistle. A generously huge plant with strong stems, the round flower heads are tennis ball size and prickly.  The bees are often seen very drunk and happy when they are in flower late June through till August.  This impressive Globe thistle can grow to 6 feet.



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