Salvia Nina’s Wish Available from June

I am not sure quite how I have this very beautiful Salvia.  She just arrived into the stock, I thought it was just another Big Bold Cera Potosi but when in flower the difference was clear – a much richer and darker pink on a slightly smaller plant.  I am propagating from the original plant and they are completely stable.  So this is named after my dearest friend – Author of the most wonderful Children’s Stories and artist for mother nature Nina Dougall.

Ninas’ wish is growing to around 80cm and is a little calmer and smaller than Cera Potosi but just as attractive to my beloved bee species. Salvias feed all the pollinators whether they have long or short tongues and can be cut back just like the other salvias to sustain a magnificent display of colour from May through to the frosts.  A truley Enchanting Plant, full of wishes to all.


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