Anemone (Japanese) – 2 litre White

No Garden should be without this beautiful late flowering perennial.  It really keeps the romance and movement in the border and feeds any of the pollinators still hungry.  The leaves are attractive in themselves, before throwing up tall and delicately elegant open cup shaped flowers in September and October.  They grow to a height of 90cm.

Japanese Anemone can be planted in sun or shade and will provide a real show when other perennials are, perhaps past their best and getting ready for winter bedtime and rest.

I don’t think it is true that they cannot be moved or divided as most gardeners think because they are a little sneaky, and pretend to completely die off, leaving the gardener feeling as though they have failed when you haven’t.   The answer is to completely cut them down to soil level before you do so and always time this when they are in full and active growth in the springtime, then give them a little time, ignore them and up they come…

The pink flowers are very pretty, but I love the colour White as it makes a bit of a statement and brightens up a shaded spot.

They will not tolerate soggy bottoms, so if on heavy non draining soil, bear this in mind.


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