Scrophularia Sambucifolia – Elder-leaved Figwort -5 litre

I adore this and in 2020 planted 6 into a natural organic Orchard with ancient woodland extending into the boundary.  It Loves the soil and aspect and has grown beautifully into very large plants which are now in full flower.  I am so pleased to see all the solitary bee species and other pollinators easily feeding from it and think it will give a dramatic and somewhat natural look to any garden.

Native to southern Spain, Portugal, and Morocco but otherwise only occasionally seen in other countries, Figwort have very unusual flowers, they can be lemon/ yellow, orange/yellow or red/yellow, with distinctive large soft furry leaves.

This particular figwort has easily grown up 1.5 metres in height and spreads beautifully into a large architectural specimen, it will grow in damp shady places, or on dry roadside verges a lovely “not really fussy about anything” plant for us to grow.


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