Eupatorium Cannabinum – Hemp-agrimony – 2 litre

I first grew this plant 15 years ago – but it wasn’t popular. Gardeners are now looking at encouraging wildlife and are always looking for new plants and this is it. Eupatorium cannabinum, commonly known as hemp-agrimony, or holy rope, is a herbaceous plant of the daisy family. Growing to around 4 feet, it is a robust perennial native to the UK. It is cultivated as an ornamental and occasionally found as a garden escape in scattered locations.

Eupatorium is a butterfly magnet, its lovely flowers are “fluffy”, and, with hemp-like leaves and tall reddish stems from which flat heads of tiny pink flowers appear in summer to autumn, it also has ornamental interest, and would suit growing in a mixed herbaceous border, cottage garden scheme or pond edge. Grow Eupatorium cannabinum in moist soil in full sun. Divide congested clumps in spring.
  • Plant Type: Bog, Marginal, Perennial, Pond, Deciduous

It has some other strange names like:

  • ague weed, Andurion, bastard agrimony, Dutch agrimony, hemlock parsley, hemp weed, holy rope, Indian ague root, water agrimony, water hemp


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