Cephalaria Gigantea 2 litres

Is one of those plants that prove that you can get maximum height into the border without using overbearingly large plants. The stout, upright stems are tall but airy rising from a rosette of divided leaves, which are attractive in themselves. The very pretty pale butter yellow Scabious shape flowers can reach 6ft when in flower.


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Cephalaria: This is a relative of Scabious, but a giant variety growing up to 4 feet, bearing lots of pale lemon coloured, Scabious flowers.  Grows well in sun or semi shade.  The flowers are full of nectar for bees and butterflies.  They are very graceful plants, creating movement but not dense foliage, you can see through them and so can be planted anywhere in the border, giving structure and height. We struggle to raise from seed as they seem to need time in the freezer to trigger germination.  At present we are dividing our clumps within the borders.  They are fully hardy.  Available in 3 litre pots.