Dahlia ‘Bishop’s Children’ 3 litres 2 in a pot

We are growing the seed selection of ‘Bishop’s Children’.

They are the offspring of breeding from the series of dahlias all beginning with ‘Bishop’, the most well known being Bishop of LLandaff. The beauty of these is dark foliage colour, single blooms, (better for pollinators). These beautiful seed grown dahlias, provide intense drama, in hot colours red, orange & yellow & clump form relatively quickly, developing tubers in year two. We do not lift ours, we simply plant on a layer of grit to aid drainage in our heavy clay soils, they can be quite greedy so a good feed and mulch will extend the flowering time of these plants.

We have a renewed appreciation for these old fashioned favorites and the blooms are great for adding bold splashes of color to flower borders and fresh arrangements.


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