Hedychium Coronarium (Ginger Lilly) 3 litres

This seems too enormous; looking like a gigantic Canna. It has grown very well this year and should reach 5 feet. Gingers need the sun and moisture. The white flowers arrive in September, they are very large white and extremely fragrant. Interestingly, the foliage does smell of ginger when rubbed. Ginger loves wet conditions and will flower with age, warmth and some tomato or seaweed feed.



Out of stock

Ginger Lilly: Grown in Nepal and other parts of Asia we are very impressed with this exotic looking plant which is actually very hardy. Our stock is from a grower in Scotland. They are truly spectacular and not readily available – we are so proud to add them to our stock list. They are very large this year and we have not been able to keep them in small 3 litre pots – they are now in 10 litre pots – the foliage is amazing and we are expecting flowers. Our Gingers will be priced according to pot size and age – please call for details.

Please note! In future we will post our #Ginger #Lilly varieties Aurantiacum and Coronarium (Hedychium) ONLY from November through to April, as they are too heavy and tall during the late spring and early summer and unfortunately this makes the costs of postage prohibitive.

As of 24 Feb 2021, we are out of stock as our current stock needed to be divided to grow on.

We will list as in stock when its ready!