Asphodeline – Lutea (2 litres)

Introduced in 1648 this stately perennial was said to have no “physic” uses, which was unusual. Also called Kings Spear or Jacobs Ladder, it is a structural foliage plant with green/grey spidery thin leaves before it flowers a “spear” of bright yellow in late spring. The flowers are fragrant and will attract pollinators. We think it prefers stony, poor dry soil, with no fuss necessary. (I spotted the original plant growing out of the base of a lamppost in a residential area.) Fully hardy to -15, if happy it can grow up to 3 feel into a good clump. The seeds look like bright green marbles later drying to brown, a dry arrangement stems makes a great centre piece in a vase for autumn and winter  celebrations.


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A brand new variety for us to grow. I am offering 2 different ones, as yet I have not seen them grown at all. Once again, a very natural plant, with food for pollinators.