Oenothera Odorata (Evening Primrose) 2 litre

Vast three inch fragrant pale lemon saucer shaped flowers slowly change through to apricot with age. This adorable back of the border plant is unusual in that the flowers open during the daytime and not in the evening as expected.

It likes to self-seed in places it feels the most comfortable in, it never looks its best in a pot. The best examples are seen on Cornish sand dunes

This seeds are full of the well known Gamma Linoleic acid (GLA) which is evening primrose oil. This is the supplement taken by women all over the world.

Plant in free draining soil, in sun in groups for best effect.



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Also referred to as Evening Primrose, a great natural plant with lovely fragrance. Very easy to keep, it will self seed and form a relaxed medium sized clump, giving a natural look to any border.