Knautia Macedonica Melton Pastels 2 litre

This is our second offering of the “Pin Cushion” flower which is an old fashioned name for this group of plants. A lovely long-blooming perennial for any well-drained sunny area, forms a huge mound of tall, beautifully serrated green leaves, which in themselves are very pretty.

Tall and branching, wiry stems bear hundreds of small, pale mauve/pale pink or white flowers throughout the early summer and into the Autumn. It will appreciate some staking as it can get quite tall – to around 4 feet/120cm!.  Best provide support early in the year so that they can “grow through” and then look completely natural.  We cannot be specific with colours here the same seed packet often throws up surprises………….. The Bees and Butterflies don’t mind which colour they are.

If the plants have drainage in winter they will live for many years.


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