Salvia Involucrata or rosy leaf sage (3 litre) Available from Mid-July

This salvia is HUGE!  and one of the most beautiful of the larger Salvias, S. involucrata is a tall, woody-based perennial with heart-shaped, long-stalked leaves to 10cm in length. Flowers 5cm in length, tubular, two-lipped, purplish-pink, with conspicuous pink bracts which soon fall. Incredibly fragrant leaves, this will make an enormous statement wherever it is planted.

The Mother plants are in 10 litre pots and I have to say that it has not given up cuttings easily, which is interesting, I think this may be because the stem is square and fibrous and we have been inclined to keep the babies in the tunnel over the winter with the Amistad, the tunnel is unheated and has airflow but has been frost free and dry – I couldn’t bear to lose them.  I have planted in Full sun and semi shade, any soil, height up to 2m width up to 1.5m.


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