Potentilla Ron McBeath 2 litres

We grow 4 varieties of  Potentilla: Tonguei, Monarch’s Velvet, Ron Mcbeath and Miss Willmott.

This gorgeous little “toughy” is a member of the cinquefoil/strawberry family.

Under-plant with any of this family, they provide ground cover and develop quickly.

Monarchs Velvet is smaller than Miss Willmott, and a little slower to reach its flowering height of 30 inches growing into a very neat clump.  With palmately or pinnately divided leaves and solitary saucer-shaped, 5-petalled flowers appearing over a long period from late spring through the summer. The flowers are fabulous being redish/pink, this can make a striking display at the front of any border or  around trees, they are very hardy and reliable.


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