Lamium Galeodolen – Yellow Archangel – 2 litres

Our beloved Shrill Carder Bees were filmed here at Enchanted Gardens by the BBC South East team in 2019 when the thriving population was found to be here.  All footage shows that they were feeding on white dead nettle and that is why we stock this same lamiaceae family of plants to replicate the same flowers for shrill carder and most of the other solidary bees in the UK.

Yellow Archangel, Lamiastrum galeobdolon, is a widespread European woodland plant. It grows quite easily and happily on our heavy clay soils, and does not mind very shady areas but also likes some sun.  It used to be common on waysides and verges, but is now sadly lacking.

Yellow Archangel is in the family Lamiaceae along with dead-nettles and mints. It has attractive yellow flowers from May to July.  The leaves are a similar shape to White Dead-nettle but narrower and more deeply toothed. The flowering stem can grow up to 45cm tall but is often shorter.


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