Telekia Speciosa – 3 litre Tall – This plant is HUGE!


Telekia is not suitable for a small garden, I have now re-planted and established my parent plants into the pasture and I can now harvest confidently viable seed.  The photographs are mine, one one day I counted 17 butterflies on just one plant! They are irresistible.

There has been much debate over this plant. Our original stock came from an elderly lady who took seed from a plant in Kew Gardens in the 1960’s. We have grown this giant for years now and find that is very often confused with Inula Helenium. Horticultural colleagues think that this is Telekia; but a hybrid of sorts, as it does not follow the description of either plant. The leaves can grow to over 20 inches and emerge in the spring. It then proceeds to reach for the sky, growing to over 5 feet. In June develops multiple sprays of large yellow spidery daisies. We have found that this huge perennial loves sun and will also thrive in shade. It seems to be bomb proof and always comes through the harshest winter. The bees and butterflies cannot resist it’s nectar rich blooms.


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