Helianthus – Maximillion 2 litres

We planted two of these in The Long Border in 2019 and were amazed – it looks so harmless in a pot, but within a month it had grown to 6 feet, and ended the season at around 12 feet tall.

We have researched and have learnt that if they are cut down by half in around June, they stay shorter and are easier to manage at a lower height. They have a lovely yellow semi double flower from very numerous side shoots all the way up the stem and last for months. Great in a vase for cut flowers, they are very tough and the slugs hate them with their “Velcro” type leaves. An amazing giant for those of you who need a little Drama in the Garden.

(Please be aware that this plant can be confused with Helianthus Maximiliani, that has flowers all the way up each stem, like hollyhocks.)

We divided our stock last year and it hated it. We think the roots do not like being disturbed, but it grows very easily from seed so please bear with us while we replenish our stock, they are coming up very easily from seed this year, Helen is delighted and we will plant some more in the Cow Shed Garden which is much shadier to see what they get up to there.


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