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Enchanted Gardens Update - Almost a year on, What's been planted?


Tales from the Bathroom - Box Moth


Enchanted Gardens Update - Tent Restoration

Enchanted Gardens Update - We've Got Colour! (What we've been growing!)


Happy Morning Everybody! New video up on our Youtube talking about an AMAZING discovery at our new site! A WILD SERVICE TREE!


Hello All! Incase you missed it we have a new video up on our Youtube covering the amazing topic of Gall Wasps! This follows on from an older video! If you have anymore knowledge that we don't touch on in this feel free to impart it on us in the comments! Would love to know more!

Hello All! This is, I think a Labyrinth spider, found these darlings in the pasture: they construct such an elaborate Web! Nothing to panic about, very shy and not harmful. The tunnell constructed is them just protecting their eggs, so they are just being good mums! What amazing webs that they create!


Happy Morning Everyone and welcome to "Tales from the Bathroom"! At this time of year you may notice lots more of these little fellows appearing in your bathrooms! (Here are some pictures I prepared earlier!!!) These lovely little moths are more likely to be found this time of year due to the moisture and light that draws them in from outside in the heat! Please share your "Tales from the Bathroom" we'd love to see them!


Rosa Rugosa planted into a natural hedge! The best i've ever seen!


Day 2 of the new terracing!


Happy Morning to you all!, Wanted to see how you are all faring with Photinia? Please let me know whats going on with yours, sharing information will help all of us gardeners and nature lovers to better ourselves with knowledge, skills and ideas. It can be difficult for gardeners to plant native hedging and can be tricky for a residential area as it doesnt really fit in with everybody else, so with consideration we tend to plant (dare I say it - Leyland Cyprus, although not so much now) or common Laurel and developers aren't helping by planting alot of very dreadful things...... so I think around 10 years ago Photinia Red Robin became one of the most popular hedges ever with Millions produced and planted. All of a sudden avenues were full of red leaf hedges which was great. Was it just me who noticed that they all seemed to flower this year like NEVER BEFORE! I kept seeing them everywhere I went until in the end I took photos and had a good think about it....... Just like when trees have a mast year in our woodlands it was like Photinia did the same? was this caused by the hot temperatures and drought last year? Was it their "swan song", they, like everything else in the gardens was stressed by the hot summer last year and then such an abundance of flowers....... Did this happen to yours? Have you all trimmed hedges to neatness once again? How are they doing now? lets discuss......


Happy Morning Everybody, Wanted to share an exciting discovery that myself and Rebecca of the Butterfly and Moth Conservation Trust found! A Brown Banded Carder Bee!!!!


Happy Morning All! Here's some Behind the Scenes from a few weeks ago whilst we worked on making the land workable for planting!

Happy Morning All, As some of you may have noticed I have been forced to cancel this weeks lectures due to scheduling issues beyond my control! I am so sorry to anyone who had been considering coming! There will be new dates announced for them soon that will hopefully suit everyone better!


WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS THINK........................ This post is a little tricky to write; Just my opinion based on what I know to be right and it comes from my "Gardeners Heart" which doesn't care too much if my view is popular. I am sure we have all felt a little niggled if we have a neighbour who allows their hedge to overgrow and begin to look less than perfection...... HOWEVER, these days please do what YOU think is right. The RHS would like us to keep everything clipped and trimmed regardless of nature or common sense; advocating cutting hedges April to October is in my opinion a CRIME! April to October (regardless of no seasonal weather) is exactly when birds are nesting so why would you follow this ridiculous advice. It doesn't matter what species of bird is nesting - they are all part of our natural system and their breeding is perfectly timed to correspond with emerging insects to feed their young. so, PLEASE don't be pushed to do this in your gardens, take the time to see what birds are around - most of you feed them and you will know. I hasten to add that this is covered by the Wildlife and Countryside act 1981 (with no mention of gardens?) that this is an offence. I am sure you all share despair that developers appear to fell trees and hedges whenever they feel like it and this makes great drama for the news feeds but Gardeners can be a force to be reckoned with if we just stop and think - "what will the neighbours Say".......


Happy Morning Lovely Gardeners! Part Two of my amazing chat with Rebecca from the Butterfly and Moth Conservation Trust is up now on our Youtube! If you're interested in moths or butterflies this one is for you! Link is attached to this post!!!


Happy Morning Everybody! Excited to put out a new video over on our Youtube page featuring Rebecca from the Butterfly and Moth Conservation Trust! We take a look at a Moth Trap that we setup over at Valley View and talk about all of the different lovely bugs and their importance to gardeners and others alike! Check it out at the link in this post! Part 2 is out on Friday!

Enchanted Gardens Update - Walnut Trees, Hawthorns and Tidying Up

Hello dear Gardeners and nature lovers, I thought I would give you one last post in relation to the whole "No Mow May" situation we have all just experienced. I think as gardeners its important to realise that the long grass and subsequently how you actually deal with "un-mowable" (I made that word up) long grass - Mostly with a strimmer and this has resulted in a massive increase in injuries and death amongst our Hedgehog population which as we all know is declining to a dangerous level. The Hedgehog hospitals are inundated and are convinced that the temporary long grass is NOT HELPING. So, if you do participate in No Mow May PLEASE check for hedgehogs and other creatures.....

Happy Morning! Another update from us at Enchanted Gardens showcasing some of the plants we are currently working with!


Happy Monday Everyone! Join us on our journey of making the new and improved Enchanted Gardens! Today we are looking at stabilising our old stables!


Happy Morning, Another update from here at Enchanted! Look at these lovely Elders! Hope you're having an amazing day.


Enchanted Gardens Update - TREES!!!