Echinops Star Frost – small white (2 litres)

Echinops are simply Pollinator Heaven on a stick! amazing white pom poms are produced in abundance anywhere from June through to August.  When finished flowering these lovely little chaps seed heads are also completely attractive left on and your plant will become a very large clump within 2 years with a height of 4ft (120cm), so dividing them is definitely an option for further free plants to share.

White is always “ghostly” in appearance during the evening, its the way the light reflects and this gives this plant even more appeal.

They have always been a little toughie for me even on heavy clay and so hardy, whatever the winter brings wont upset them.  They don’t like a soggy bottom so WONT sit in water, so if your border is wet please put in extra drainage and sit them a little proud of the soil.



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We adore this group of plants as they are so robust and long lived. They are absolutely irresistible to bees and butterflies.