Lysimachia – Ephemerrum (Willow Leaved Loosestrife) 2 litres

This plant is very graceful and elegant and is also know as the Willow Leaved Loosestrife.  It is not widely grown, and is increasingly rare.  It is upright and like all of this group forms a large robust clump fairly quickly, with lance-to-spoon shaped grey/green leaves with elegant tapering spikes of pure white flowers and pink stamens.  If planted in moist conditions it will grow to around 4 feet, and its stately presence makes it a lovely main stay for the back of your shady damp border.


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I had one particular border that would be a bit of a problem area had it not been for this species. There were cattle shed foundations here, and it is nearly always wet and soggy even in drought. And this is where I grew my Lysimachia collection. Lysimachia are commonly called Loosestrife. They are tough and hardy and thrive endlessly in these conditions. They will also perform perfectly well in sunnier, dryer spots but may be a little smaller perhaps. I grow 4 varieties to share with you.