Aster – Pink – Inga’s Swedish Treasure (2 litres)

This is a plant given to us by our dear friend and growing colleague Inga.  Apparently she dug up roots from her sisters garden in Sweden 20 years ago and planted it in her allotment to feed pollinators and increase vegetable production.  In 2018 we found so many of our famous Shrill Carder Bees feeding on this really tall daisy we knew it was worthy of cuttings and potting and have a good stock.  It does not need staking and is invaluable for late summer flowers, up to 5 feet.  They are just simple daisies that give an enormous amount of structure and colour to the garden at the end of the summer when other perennials are fading with the autumn weather.  We use them to ensure that there is no pollinator starvation gap no matter what summer we have had they are really reliable.


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