Geranium Pratense Mrs Kendall Clark’ 2 litres

This Geranium is so pretty and a hybrid of our native meadow cranesbill. The story attached to this is that the nurseryman Walter Ingwersen received a Geranium from a customer in the 1930’s which he subsequently named in her honour, beginning to sell it from 1938 onwards, this customer was Lucretia Kendall.

It carries soft, violet blue flowers marbled with white veins giving the flowers a translucent appearance. The leaves are delicately dissected mid-green, turning towards a red tint before dying back in the autumn time.  Excellent in the middle of mixed borders or wild gardens, or try  underplanting with pink roses or silver leaved plants.  It prefers a moist soil that does not dry out in in summer and is superb when placed with evening light behind it.

This cranesbill is very easy to manage.  Remove old leaves in spring.  Propagate by division in spring.  Pest and disease resistant.  Cut back hard after the first flush of flowers for a repeat show in early autumn.



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