Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs and Trees are the very backbone of your garden, the right choices for your garden can mean that you have something beautiful to look upon at all times of the year and if it so happens that you can also feed the pollinators, provide nesting sites for birds and shelter for all wildlife – well thats just the best part.

I will always be here to help you choose if you are anxious about making a commitment to a tree or shrub, after all they can be in your life for a very long time and, I hope become an old friend……… I have transplanted many of my “old friends” and know exactly how you feel.

A selection of shrubs & trees which are great for pollinators. We only stock a small selection here. We are now increasingly growing from cuttings and also seed.  The Budleja are self sown popping up all over the site which we dig up and plant , If I cannot grow myself, I do buy in from trustworthy local supplier. Do email us with stock queries as we may be able to source other products for you.

Donna xx

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