AMELANCHIER LEMARKII 10 Litre Pot (Collection Only)

When Gardeners ask me to suggest a small tree for their garden I always know exactly what to say – Amelanchier lamarckii  or snowy mespilus is the most  beautiful small tree that offers everything you could ever want, with year-round interest.  Amelachier is not a very quick to grow tree and even when mature wont overshadow a garden or become out of hand, needing costly maintenance.  It generally has a lovely dense, shrubby shape. In March the branches erupt with a froth of star-shaped flowers, which all pollinators love!  just as the coppery pink young leaves unfold; during the hot summer this little treasure of a tree produces its fruit which are wonderful for the birds starting off red turning purple as they ripen, the leaves  become yellow-green, but then at the end of the season is a finale of fiery scarlet and crimson autumn colour before finally falling.

This small tree can even be kept in a pot! so all in all, a great addition to any garden needing structure.



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