Sambucus Nigra Thundercloud (5 litres)

  • Thundercloud is the very best of a dark or black leaved Elder.  We have grown and taken cuttings from the very popular “black Lace” but find it weak and not completely stable as it is, we feel one step too far into hybridisation.
  • Thundercloud is just as tough and hardy as the native wild elder and can be pruned hard if need be.
  • Pollinators love these large flowers, we love making cordial and of course elderflower wine and fizz too.
  • This Elder  is bushy large shrub or small tree to 6m, with pinnate leaves turning pale yellow in autumn, wonderful flat sprays of fragrant cream flowers in early summer followed by small black berries later on.
  • Great foliage plant for background interest or for breaking up other planting.


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