Philladelphus Aurea (5 litre)


Philadelphus is often called Mock Orange.

We offer two varieties, both with single petalled flowers rather than doubles.  They are intensely fragrant and when in flower our customers are intoxicated by them.

Aurea refers to its beautiful lime green/yellow foliage.  I use it to break up green foliage in a border, similar to placing a lamp into a shady corner, it stands out and gives interest just for the leaf colour.  It grows into a medium sized deciduous shrub.  Please remember that as with all Philadelphus, she flowers on two year old wood so prune lightly, if at all.

The very highly scented single pure white flowers have a wonderful strong scent.

We sell out of these every year when we attend shows as they flower from late May through June, with graceful arching stems covered in lime-green leaves, which are dropped for the wintertime only to re-emerge each spring.




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