Forsythia ‘Lynwood’ 5 litres

I have a forsythia planted in each of the 3 main gardens here.  I have only ever had “Lynwood” as an older type suitable for any garden on any soil.   Named after William Forsyth (1737–1804), who was a Scottish botanist, Royal head gardener and a founding member of the RHS. Who must have realised how invaluable such a cheerful splash of bright yellow flowers at the very part of the year when we really need it after the bareness of the winter.  So, without fail every springtime a Forsythia will flower really well on bare stems before and during its initial re-leaf.

This trusted shrub is so very tough, I have never known the temperature affect it nor the soggy clay I grow it on.  The only time I have ever known a Forsythia have an issue is when a gardener accidentally prunes at the wrong time of year so it never flowers – as with a great many shrubs the best time is AFTER flowering has finished to a desired shape.  Lynwood is not a small Forsythia it can grow very large if un-pruned so don’t forget just once a year.

Forsythias are used as food plants by the caterpillar’s  of some butterflies and moths including the brown-tail and Gothic moth.  But will inevitably get lots of visits from other hungry pollinators too.



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