Paulownia Tomentosa – ‘Empress’ or ‘foxglove’ tree 10 litre

5 years ago a fellow plantaholic gave me some “Empress Tree” seeds. I duly sowed them and have produced a beautiful batch of these wondrous plants. We do not normally grow trees, but having seen them in bloom, we just couldn’t resist. They are also called the Foxglove tree, producing extraordinary flowers in May, of pale mauve foxglove flowers.

It arrived in Britain in 1840 and was named after Anna Paulownia, the daughter of the Empress of Russia.

This is a very fast growing deciduous tree, fully hardy and originally from China (where else) Our little ladies start off in 2 or 3 litre tall rose pots, where they produce excellent root systems. I then move them up to a 10 litre pot to continue to grow.  They are relatively unusual and not widely grown. I have planted a specimen into a large garden in Canterbury 6 years ago and it is growing very strongly only 30cm when planted, it is now 4.5 metres and growing beautifully.

Full sun. Any free draining soil in a sheltered position.

Keep young trees protected from frost, once established its problem free.

Height 8-12 metres over 20-50 years.


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