Ceratostigma ‘Willmotianum’ 5 litres

The Chinese plumbago, Ceratostigma willmottianum, is a small cushion shaped deciduous shrub with good green foliage that turns bright red in autumn. In the late summer into the autumn it flowers in the most shocking cobalt-blue flowers, when many other flowers have gone over.  Every year I sit poised with my camera to once more try and photograph the hummingbird hawk moth and every year I am so excited by it that I fail miserably – it is a moth that looks exactly like a hummingbird hovering around the blue flowers at such speed I am truly amazed every year. It is the size of a hummingbird – I have put two photos of this wonderful moth in the gallery images, needless to say I did not take them.  I Grow Ceratostigma willmottianum towards the front of the blue and yellow border outside the office window in semi-shade.  I like the way it grows quite gently and is never too large.  I prune it in springtime and wait for it to re-grow every year. Everybody loves Blue flowers and this is one of the best.



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