Phlomis Itallica shrub –

This is the second of our phlomis shrubs.  Again we love this because it is small, and evergreen with very grey wool covered leaves.  Its mature height is just 2 feet (60cm) which is rather cute too.  We have heard that they can completely die back in a really tough winter but as long as they don’t sit in water they just bounce back from the base in the springtime and then make up for lost time from the spring.

In summer, it produces hooded, lilac-pink flowers that encircle the upright stems, creating a tiered effect. Perfect towards the front of the border the foliage is very striking  and of course we wouldn’t grow it if it wasn’t just the perfect food for our precious pollinators.

By giving a mixture of perennials, shrubs, climbers and annuals planted in harmony, your garden will not create a “feast or famine” unbalance, as sometimes happens.  Evergreens keep the interest in the border even in the wintertime for a gardener and in a small garden this phlomis will always do well.  They love a sunny area and do appreciate a little extra drainage too.  We will take softwood cuttings and divide these little darlings whenever they root.  Helen will also want the seed to play with….. we all love collecting our own seed from our plants, its so interesting.




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