Sambucus Nigra Laciniata (5 Litres)

We love this gorgeous Elder, they have such delicate wonderful lacy green foliage but are so hardy and reliable.

Of all the Elders we grow, this is the closest to the black version (Sambucus Nigra Black Lace), without the problems associated with it. This is quick and strong growing, producing very large flat sprays of many stunning tiny white flowers, followed by purple berries.

Needless to say all our pollinators adore it.

We have planted it in the centre bed in the back nursery garden to compliment the Phlomis Fructicosa.

Requiring very little pruning, Laciniata grows very well on our heavy clay, in any position.

note: We sold our first entire crop to an Elder Flower Champagne producer!

We are currently waiting for our cuttings to get biugger so do please come back to us in Autumn.



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