Fuchsia Magallanica Molinae – 5 litres

Fuchsia are so worth having, they are problem free and flower continuously for months… We only stock the hardies; Mrs. Popple, Genii (with lovely lime foliage) Madame Cornelissen (red petals with white centre) and lastly, Riccartonii (bright pink petals with Purple centre)


The magnificent Fuchsia Magellanica Molinae has very pale pink slender flowers, it grows almost wild in Cornwall and can form a hedge of considerable size and height. We do not ever prune our Fuchsia until the spring and don’t prune too hard either.  They don’t like the winter wet very much and so we plant them a little proud of our heavy clay and put some pea gravel into the planting hole.  Of course, the pollinators love them, and because the flowers are a little too long for the short tongues of some bees they simply chew a little hole at the base to get to the nectar – amazingly ingenious as nature always is…… we will try to get come pictures of this happening in the Wishing Well Garden this summer for you.


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