Melianthus Major (Honey Bush) 10 litre pot

Aplogies, the “Babies” are all Enormous and so we have potted them into 10 litre pots! the next batch of babies are not ready – so…. if you order these order just the one and make sure you have room for it, they are beautiful now.  23rd May,2022.  I will let you know as soon as the little ones are in 3 litre pots, in the meantime I will edit the price.

Sometimes called Peanut Butter Plant, because of the scent of the leaves when rubbed. This picture shows a four year old plant in the Cow Shed Garden. It survives the Winter so appears to be hardy.  A spectacular specimen foliage plant, particularly effective in containers or in a prime frontal position in the border. This forms a large clump of blue-green leaves, looking almost like some kind of exotic fern. Where hardy, this can form a large woody bush with big spikes of reddish-purple fragrant flowers in early summer. The flower spikes left on the plant do from a nice display too. we have harvested some for seed here and will leave some on. Ours is now about 8 feet tall. Helen is growing them on quite successfully from seed at the moment.


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