Salvia Leucantha (Mexican Bush Sage) – Available from Mid-May

SALVIA. leucantha is AMAZING!  We knew it was possibly an evergreen sub-shrub growing to around 120cm.

I  have planted 3 of this variety in a local garden with a lovely lady called Eilleen.  This was a complete border re-design and re-plant and so it is mixed and planted with lots of pollinator friendly shrubs and perennials.   I popped along for a peak and found that I am completely over-whelmed by this gorgeous plant.

It is really striking and the photographs to not do justice to the vibrant colour or the fact that the flowers look almost “furry” in texture, on an overcast day it had visiting bees and hoverflies and looked magnificent in this relatively new border.

It has, as you can see, narrowly lance-shaped leaves white beneath, and very large bright purple flowers with conspicuous downy purple/pink clayces with little white tufts.  We had no idea just how lovely this plant is and are now looking forward to all of our cuttings being available next year for all our customers to enjoy.


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