POT MARIGOLD – (Calendula Officinalis) Large pot

Marigolds make good companion plants for potatoes, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, aubergines, squash, melons, asparagus, sweet corn, chillies and peppers. Cabbages are adversely effected by marigolds and yet, they repel cabbage white butterflies and cabbage moths.  They really are so very cheerful! with single golden-orange blooms keep on flowering in beds and borders too. Marigolds are very fast growing and, in our experience can self sow too!

These simple vivid colour daisies are excellent for cutting and cope in almost any garden situation, and even grows well in coastal areas. Height: 45cm (18″). Spread: 30cm (12″).

Culinary note: The petals are edible and have a peppery flavour, which can be used to enhance the flavour and add colour to soups, meat, egg and rice dishes as well as salads. Can also be used as a substitute for saffron when colouring rice dishes.

Pot Marigolds is a great choice for a children’s garden.


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