Ammi Majus – 2 in a pot (2 litres)

Ammi Majus is commonly called bishop’s weed, bishop’s flower, bullwort, lady’s lace, or lace-flower as the flowers are reminiscent of the finest lace-work, in spite of its delicate structure it’s a member of the carrot family Apiaceae.  Ammi works well amongst a range of plants in a mixed herbaceous border, a superb annual, bearing dainty white flowers reminiscent of lacework, above finely cut, green foliage. Plant in sun to partial shade.  We have found that it does, self seed quite freely, so don’t be too tidy with weeding please!
Ammi Majus is great for attracting butterflies, hover flies and other beneficial insects into your garden. Leaving the flowers at the end of the season provides seeds for the birds. Gold Finches love them too.
1 m tall, 50cm wide, mid-border, full sun to part shade, well drained soil.


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