SWEET PEA – (Lathyrus Odoratus) – 5 plants (7.5 litre pot)

Sweet Peas are one of the most popular cottage garden flowers, they make you think of times long past their scent takes you back to childhood. They are members of Fabaceae family (pea) their beautiful blooms and gorgeous scent make them suitable for how we grow them for you;  We sow early and train them onto a wigwam-shaped plant support so that they form a magnificent column of fragrant, colour – alternatively, you can plant the pot into a border with a gap and let them climb up fences and into shrubs and trees too.  How can you have a summer without them – we cant.  One thing Donna always says is Please pick the flowers ALL THE TIME throughout the season as when you stop picking they stop flowering.  Just one flower in an eggcup in your bedroom can fill the space with that seductive fragrance…. how lovely.


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