Nicandra Physaloides (Shoo-Fly Plant) large potful

Not a true perennial, first came to our notice at RHS PYSALODES   Rosemoor in the rose gardens. They allow it to pop up to compliment the formal schemes, taking seedlings out randomly where not wanted. A lovely plant, growing to 4 feet tall, producing lots of pretty pale blue flowers with a white throat over a very long flowering period. The faded flowers then turn into little black lanterns which can stay on the plant throughout the autumn, providing ornamental value. We have found they can self seed, but always keep a few lanterns in the drawer for next year as a back up. From seed germination is easy, we do, however treat these lovely plants as one of the annuals that we grow. They do have food value for the insects and can fill a large gap in the border easily and quickly.


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