Cosmos 5 plants in a 2 litre

Please note that this year my cosmos ladies are enormous and un-shippable!

There isn’t a box tall enough, so sorry!  Please try & remember to order all the annuals early in the year! they may be small but not for long……..


Very hard to resist although only an annual: Did you know that they are one of the most valuable food sources for bees as they can access trace elements from their nectar. They wave around in the breeze and flower till the frosts months later. The key is to buy them small and plant them all over the borders, if you pinch them out they become sturdy bushes at a lower height and if you just ignore them, well, the next thing you know is that the frothy fern like foliage is moving in the summer breeze, and then the flowering begins in earnest giving a height of possibly 5 feet. If you can dead-head them great, if not, well they don’t really mind but this can result in a few less flowers.  We are growing both the pink mix and the pure white which looks extraordinary in the summer evenings.


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