Fuchsia ‘Riccartonii’ 5 litres

Fuchsia ‘Riccartonii’ is one of the most popular Fuchsia,  you can also see it growing wild on roadsides. It was raised in 1830 by a Mr Young, the head gardener at Riccarton in Scotland and was noted for its hardiness.  It is widely used as a hedging plant or as a large shrub .Its blood-red sepals and deep purple or blue-violet petals, in the form of a petticoat, make this plant one of the best known summer shrubs. It is a very impressive, long-flowering variety that’s ideal for adding a splash of colour to borders.  ‘Riccartonii’ is extremely tough and hardy.  Remember to prune back in the late springtime, having allowed the frost to damage what it will of the plant, leaving the branches attached protects the crown and growth point of the shrub – just take off any obvious dead wood and it will re-grow.  We know that all Fuchsia do not like soggy bottoms, they also prefer to be kept in the ground where they can access water and develop their root system.



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