Autumn Flowering Perennial Pack 1 (5 plants)

If your garden looks a bit sad in Autumn, (September through to the end of October) then you probably need to add some Autumn colour. No flowers now means no late night snacks for the pollinators who are desperately trying to fill themselves up with food before their long Winter sleep.

This is our pick of flowers for then.

You could add in some Autumn bulbs too (see Autumn Bulb Packs)

1. Swedish Asters for the back of the border, tall, vibrant pink, long lasting multi-flowers on each stem (main product picture)

2. Verbena Rigida for mid-height deep purple flower clusters and dark green serrated feathery foliage (see gallery image)

3. Honeysuckle or lonicera halliana or ‘halls prolific’ for the back of the border, to climb with support along a fence or the wall, very heavily scented yellow & white flowers, this is the closest honeysuckle we can find to the native woodland one, (see gallery image)

4. Aster novi-belgiiĀ  a low growing, clump forming Aster with deep pink flowers (picture not included)So much smaller than other asters, this little darling brings cheerfulness to the autumn time – and importantly a food source for the pollinators.

5. Liriope muscari ‘alba’ a low growing, dense clump forming and shade tolerant ‘grass like’ perennial, with lovely long white flower stems (see gallery image).