Garden Mint 2 litres

We grow Mentha Spicata as this is the quintessential mint for use in the kitchen and for health and wellbeing as it is a valuable aid to help digestion.  It is from the Lamiaceae family and also makes a wonderfully useful addition to a herb garden if allowed to flower as the pollinators find it irresistible.  Great with traditional new potatoes and peas, or make Mint sauce for roasted Lamb, its so versatile you can make refreshing Tea or those amazing cocktails in tall glasses like Mojito.

Mint spreads by sending root runners and this can be seen as being invasive, but here at Enchanted Gardens we believe that very vigorous plants can easily be controlled by either growing in a pot or harvesting it into submission – that’s alot of fun… I collect bunches and tie them up with Jute twine to dry and use pretty much continually throughout the year.



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