Borage- Borago officinalis Seeds

Borage is a remakably beautiful plant with such names as Bee Beard, Star Flower, it is a medicinal herb with edible leaves and flowers that taste of cucumber.  Borage”s nectar rich flowers will attract all our native Bees, honey bees & butterflies.  Add Borage to fruit punches and cocktails and add its electric blue flowers to salads.

It can be used as a companion plant between vegetables like tomatoes and cabbage to help reduce leaf-eating caterpillars and improve the flavour of strawberries.

Borage will bloom for many weeks if the older flowers are trimmed off, and you can often persuade them to make a comeback by pruning them back halfway in midsummer.  Self-sown borage seedlings are easy to dig and move, or you can pull and compost the ones you don’t want.



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