Prunella Freelander Blue (Heal-All) Seeds

Charming low growing flowers will grace the edge of your garden with an exceptional carpet of violet blue colour for a long flowering season. Perfect for ground cover as it can spread very quickly up to 24 inches across. Amazing colour from May to October. Chop them back regularly to keep flowers continuous. Seems to be especially helpful to all bee species.

The picture of the self heal was taken at the end of 2020 – its not the best but all we can find at present.  We will update this with pictures of the early first blooming to show just how gorgeous they are.

The seeds should be lightly coved once sown. Ideally they should grow in a soil of pH 6 to 7.5. Prunella plants can grow in both sunny and partially shaded areas of the garden.

If starting indoors then do so about ten weeks in advance (they should be transplanted outdoors in the spring).

It should take from one to two months for the seeds to germinate at a temperature of 12 to 18 degrees centigrade.

Once ready transplant outdoors with a spacing of about 30 to 45 cm.



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